Volunteer Opportunities

2017 Volunteer Opportunities – Specific dates

  • Summer Garden Party in August

Who doesn’t love a free and fragrant garden party? This event is open to the 21+ year old public each summer in mid-August. We need 8-10 volunteers to help setup for the event, serve drinks and food during the event, greet our guests, support the silent auction, sight-guide, and help clean up after the event. Time commitments vary from afternoon through 9:00 p.m., depending on the person’s availability.

  • Annual Golf Tournament in September

2017 will welcome our 4th Annual Lighthouse Golf Tournament. The event is generally held on a Friday morning in the Tacoma area and volunteers will need to arrive before 8:00 a.m. We need 3-5 people to help with running contests and activities on the green, as well as registering guests and managing prizes and awards. 

2017 Volunteer Opportunities – Ongoing

  • Serve on a board committee as a community member

Have you ever been to a Lighthouse event? Do you have ideas on how to improve events and want to help make them run smoothly? Joining our event committee is a commitment of about 10-12 hours per month starting in October until March, and again from May until August for our Redefining Vision Luncheon and Redefining Vision Summer Garden Party respectively. You can choose to serve on either of those event’s committees, or both! Meetings take place here at the Lighthouse and include some work parties of getting things done prior to the event.

  • Scan our old documents and photos to create a digital archive, which we can use in printed materials and for marketing purposes

This task is particularly helpful as we approach our 100th anniversary. We have boxes of pictures from the last 99 years and need your help to put these to use! If you enjoy historical photography, this job is for you! This is a flexible opportunity but would need to take place during normal business hours at your convenience.

  • Distribute flyers for upcoming events

Get out into the community and garner attendance for our events! If you love networking and meeting new people, this is a great way to get involved with the Lighthouse and the greater community. You make your own volunteer hours with this gig.

  • Filing and storage closet organization

Is organization and de-cluttering your pet peeve? This is your chance to help us organize and systematize the Communications Department’s storage closet. It will also involve supporting braille and large print labeling of the contents and organization scheme. Got extra time around the holidays or in the summer? We will put you to work!

  • Social media content writer/social media army

Help us bring engaging, educational, and motivational content to our social media community by writing compelling social media content! If you love interacting on the social media sphere, are interested in trends in the blindness community, or are a seasoned social media user, we can use your help! This opportunity gives you the chance to create content and engage community, and can be pretty open-ended to suite your interests.

  • General event support

We host a range of different events and opportunities for our community. Event support can be anything from sighted guiding, greeting guests, pre and post event organization, and community outreach. We can find something that suites you!

  • Data entry

The Lighthouse utilizes Salesforce for our constituent management. After or before an event we have a ton of work to do in getting new parties in the system. Throughout the year we have various cleanup and updating projects. If you want to add Salesforce database skills to your resume, here’s a great place to start. No experience necessary, we love to train!

  • Ornament assembly and mailing

November each year -see above for more information.

  • Administrative work –mailings, filing, scanning, tour packets, etc.

We regularly send out braille, large print, and regular print materials to our constituents. If you love getting a task done, this job is for you!

  • School tour leads

The Lighthouse hosts almost 400 Seattle area students and their teachers and chaperones every year during for our School Tours Program. School tours take place on Tuesday’s throughout the school year from 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. You can help us educate students about the capabilities of people who are blind and DeafBlind by helping lead these tours!

  • Researching grants, business, university, and nonprofit partnerships

We will supply you with a starting point and you take it from there. Research to find foundations and grant-makers that would support our mission, businesses to sponsor events, and other university and nonprofit partnerships. This applies to the Seattle, Spokane, San Diego, and South Carolina areas.

  • Garden Tour leads

From June through August, we invite our community to tour our garden. Do you love fragrant plants and talking about them with fellow garden lovers? If you have a couple of hours free on some summer Saturdays, you can help us blossom!

  • Sidewalk cleanup around the neighborhood travel routes

One of the most difficult tasks for a person who is blind is navigating to and from places. Imagine not knowing to duck out of the way to avoid a prickly blackberry bush when you are walking down the street. You can help clear our neighborhood of obstacles and dangers to make the passage for people who are blind safe and care-free. We love to host groups quarterly for this opportunity.

  • Painting

We sometimes have opportunities to paint offices in our building. If you would like to take a day and become one with your inner artist, please let us know!

  • Event photography

If you have a knack for photography and want to support one of our events, we have lots of opportunities for you to volunteer. You can either bring your own camera or borrow ours and we will supply you with an SD card, as well as a list of photos that we would like to have captured. Some previous photography experience or knowledge is required. This is a great chance to network within our community as well.

Volunteers make the world go around! We appreciate and honor each and every person that donates their time and efforts to help create opportunities for independence and self-sufficiency for people who are blind, DeafBlind, and blind with other disabilities in our community.

To learn more about these opportunities, sign up for one, or find out how else you can get involved, please email Cindy Van Winkle at cvanwinkle@seattlelh.org or call 206-436-2264.

Thank you!


Orientation and Mobility Volunteer Opportunities
Come help Lighthouse Orientation and Mobility staff increase the travel safety of sidewalks around the Lighthouse.  We need volunteers to clear brush from sidewalks leading to the Lighthouse, and help us keep them clean and well defined for cane users as they travel to work.  This is an ongoing project that can be arranged to accommodate your schedule.  If you are interested in volunteering to help increase the accessibility of sidewalks around the Lighthouse, please contact Kelly Wakefield at kwakefield@seattlelh.org or 206-436-2253.

Community Outreach
The Community Outreach Program’s purpose is to educate the community about blindness issues and to spread the word about employment opportunities, programs and employee achievements here at the Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc.  We need dynamic speakers and passionate Lighthouse supporters willing to represent the Lighthouse at non-profit fairs, service club meetings, school assemblies, and local events.  If you would like to be a representative, or know someone who would be great at it, please contact Kelly Wakefield at kwakefield@seattlelh.org or 206-436-2185.

Volunteer Interpreters Needed!
We have opportunities for volunteer interpreters and guides in both our DeafBlind community class and our annual DeafBlind Retreat. This is a great opportunity for both professional and student interpreters to develop their skills interpreting with DeafBlind people and a fun way to connect with the community!

Annual DeafBlind Retreat
Volunteer guides and interpreters must have experience guiding and communicating with DeafBlind people and have a language level of ASL 6 or above. Deaf volunteers welcome!

Volunteer interpreters attending the retreat can receive minimum 0.2 CEUs towards RID (or other workplace) CEU requirements or up to 2.0 CEUs for an Independent Study project.

DeafBlind Community Class
Deaf and hearing volunteer sign language interpreters may be professionals, interpreting students, or community members. All volunteer interpreters must be competent in American Sign Language (ASL) and possess an appropriate level of interpreting skill and experience working with DeafBlind people.

Other DeafBlind Community Class Volunteer Opportunities
We have a number of other opportunities available in our community classes for people with all levels of experience, including:

  • Class set-up and clean-up
  • Sighted Guiding
  • Transportation to and from class
  • Videotaping and photography (we will provide camera equipment)

For more information on volunteering for our annual DeafBlind Retreat or DeafBlind community classes, contact:

Amy Koehl
Vice President of Employee and Community Services
Voice: (206) 436-2106
TTY: (206) 436-2213

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