Volunteer Opportunities

The Lighthouse holds several annual fundraising and community awareness events to generate support for our Employee and Community Services programs.  If you are interested in participating on an event committee or providing additional fundraising support, please contact Kelly Wakefield at 206-436-2185 or via email at kwakefield@seattlelh.org.

Orientation and Mobility Volunteer Opportunities
Come help Lighthouse Orientation and Mobility staff increase the travel safety of sidewalks around the Lighthouse.  We need volunteers to clear brush from sidewalks leading to the Lighthouse, and help us keep them clean and well defined for cane users as they travel to work.  This is an ongoing project that can be arranged to accommodate your schedule.  If you are interested in volunteering to help increase the accessibility of sidewalks around the Lighthouse, please contact Kelly Wakefield at kwakefield@seattlelh.org or 206-436-2253.

Community Outreach
The Community Outreach Program’s purpose is to educate the community about blindness issues and to spread the word about employment opportunities, programs and employee achievements here at the Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc.  We need dynamic speakers and passionate Lighthouse supporters willing to represent the Lighthouse at non-profit fairs, service club meetings, school assemblies, and local events.  If you would like to be a representative, or know someone who would be great at it, please contact Kelly Wakefield at kwakefield@seattlelh.org or 206-436-2185.

Volunteer Interpreters Needed!
We have opportunities for volunteer interpreters and guides in both our DeafBlind community class and our annual DeafBlind Retreat. This is a great opportunity for both professional and student interpreters to develop their skills interpreting with DeafBlind people and a fun way to connect with the community!

Annual DeafBlind Retreat
Volunteer guides and interpreters must have experience guiding and communicating with DeafBlind people and have a language level of ASL 6 or above. Deaf volunteers welcome!

Volunteer interpreters attending the retreat can receive minimum 0.2 CEUs towards RID (or other workplace) CEU requirements or up to 2.0 CEUs for an Independent Study project.

DeafBlind Community Class
Deaf and hearing volunteer sign language interpreters may be professionals, interpreting students, or community members. All volunteer interpreters must be competent in American Sign Language (ASL) and possess an appropriate level of interpreting skill and experience working with DeafBlind people.

Other DeafBlind Community Class Volunteer Opportunities
We have a number of other opportunities available in our community classes for people with all levels of experience, including:

  • Class set-up and clean-up
  • Sighted Guiding
  • Transportation to and from class
  • Videotaping and photography (we will provide camera equipment)

For more information on volunteering for our annual DeafBlind Retreat or DeafBlind community classes, contact:

Amy Koehl
Vice President of Employee and Community Services
Voice: (206) 436-2106
TTY: (206) 436-2213

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