Giving Circles

Join us in Redefining Vision with your leadership gift today.

By joining our Lighthouse giving circles, you are joining with a dedicated group of individuals making a lasting difference for blind and Deaf-Blind communities today.

These leadership gifts provide the training and support services that are the foundation of blind independence and success. This is critical work, but it is expensive work. By joining our leadership giving circles, your gift will have a life-changing impact for blind and Deaf-Blind individuals today.

How your leadership gift makes a difference:

  • A gift of $500 ($125/quarter or $42/month) provides a week of Orientation & Mobility training.
  • A gift of $1,000 ($250/quarter or $84/month) provides a month of computer training for a blind individual.
  • A gift of $2,500 provides screen magnification software for a legally blind individual with low vision.
  • A gift of $5,000 provides 40 hours of tactile American Sign Language for a Deaf-Blind person.
  • And your gift of $10,000 provides a fully accessible computer information station with electronic braille display, screen-reader, and screen magnification.

Lighthouse Leadership Giving Circle Benefits

Members of one circle will receive the benefits of that level and all those from the levels below it.

Austin, Clark, and McLaughlin Founders Circle: $10,000 and above
In 1914, three blind individuals, John Austin, W. Roy Clark, John McLaughlin, wrote and signed founded The Seattle Association of the Blind’s Articles of Incorporation along with two sighted community members. In 1918, The Association became The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc.

  • Permanent recognition opportunities for pilot programs and capital equipment
  • VIP Tables at Events (includes valet parking at auction)

Braille Circle: $5,000 and above

  • Recognition in Seattle Times and Puget Sound Business Journal annually
  • Personalized updates on & VIP visits to their favored programs (includes vision simulation activities)

White Cane Circle: $2,500+ Circle

  • Insider Blindness Round-Table with President & Board Representatives

Guide Dog Circle: $1,000+ Circle

  • Invitation to Annual Major Donor Reception
  • Lighthouse Holiday Ornament

Slate & Stylus Circle: $500+ Benefits
The slate and stylus are tools used for centuries to create braille by hand.

  • Insider Executive Briefing from CEO
  • Plaque Recognition
  • Annual Donor Honor Roll Recognition
  • Lighthouse T-Shirt & water bottle

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Our Mission: To create and enhance opportunities for independence and self-sufficiency
for people who are blind, Deaf-Blind, and blind with other disabilities.

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