Technology Training Center (TTC)

Technology Training Center Instructor Di Black (left) demonstrating accessibility features of a tablet device to student Virginia Labrum (right)

Technology Training Center Instructor Di Black (left) demonstrating accessibility features of a tablet device to student Virginia Labrum (right)

Statement of Purpose

– The Technology Training Center serves DeafBlind employees and  community members by building skills and access to information through the use of computer and assistive technology –

Our Commitment

All Employee and Community Services (ECS) programming offers each individual the opportunity to increase their skills in an environment that supports independence, choice, and control over matters impacting each participant.  We invite and rely upon consumer involvement and input.

Technology Training Center (TTC) Program Services

The Technology Training Center provides instruction in assistive and mainstream technologies to Deaf-Blind employees and community members.  We provide comprehensive training and support in computers, mobile computing, and related technologies.

The course of study is highly individualized, and emphasizes computer and assistive technology tools to be used in the workplace and for community and informational access. Class structures are primarily 1:1 instructor led, with occasional group classes.

Jorge Aristizabal uses an adapted computer in the TTC lab.

Jorge Aristizabal uses an adapted computer in the TTC lab.

Features of the Technology Training Center include:

  • Instructors who are fluent in ASL, providing direct instruction
  • Llinguistically and culturally appropriate services
  • The TTC Lab, which is open for use daily Monday through Friday during work hours. Both employees and community members are welcome to use the TTC Lab. A wide array of classes covering software, hardware, assistive technology, basic through advanced use.
  • Curriculum that is tailored to the needs and goals of the participant.
  • Classes can be held in the TTC or in a student’s home on their own equipment

Individual classes and services include:

  • Typing and keyboarding
  • Basic computer navigation
  • Email programs
  • MS Office Suite: Word, Excel, etc
  • Internet navigation
  • Online bill pay
  • Assistive technology such as screen magnification or screen readers
  • Use of technology such as refreshable braille displays and note takers
  • iOS devices and mobile technology


Recipients of these services must be DeafBlind: legally blind and either Deaf, significantly hard of hearing, or late deafened. Services are open to Lighthouse employees as well as DeafBlind community members.


The Technology Training Center (TTC) Program is funded through community support. We rely on financial contributions from local corporations, foundations, service organizations and individuals.

All community support for Lighthouse programs is channeled through the Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind Foundation, whose sole purpose is to gather community support for fulfillment of the Seattle Lighthouse mission.  Participation in TTC classes and instruction is free of charge for participants.

Technical support calls are charged to the participant at $25.00/hour.


The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc.
2501 South Plum Street
Seattle, WA 98144

For additional information, please contact:

Amy Koehl
Senior Director, Employee and Community Services
Phone: (206) 436-2106

Ian Stenseng
Supervisor, Computer Training Program
Ph: 206-973-4061

Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Appointments outside of hours can be made on request.


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