Deaf-Blind Program

Seattle Lighthouse’s nationally renowned Deaf-Blind Program includes the following programs:

TTC instrustructor Di Black (left) with student Jenne Chalfant (right)Deaf-Blind Technology Training Center: Our Technology Training Center (TTC) serves the Deaf-Blind community in building skills through the use of computer and assistive technology. The TTC offers training on up-to-date assistive technologies for both work and independent living.

Retreat participants Paul Simonich (left) and Scott Oberg (center) riding bicycles with volunteer Gabe Shalit (right)Deaf-Blind Retreat: Our week-long Annual Deaf-Blind Retreat is an opportunity for Deaf-Blind people from throughout the United States and other countries to come together and learn from one another. The retreat offers an array of activities, workshops, resources, and information in a completely accessible environment.

Interpreter Brenda Aron (right) translates for Deaf-Blind Community Class student Ken Sting (left) during a session at Seattle Central Community CollegeDeaf-Blind Community Classes: Deaf-Blind community classes provide a forum giving members of the Deaf-Blind community access to information in an accessible setting. Deaf-Blind participants have opportunities to connect with others in the community, learn leadership and presentation skills, get information on a wide range of subjects and support American Sign Language Interpreters and Support Service Providers to develop skills working with Deaf-Blind individuals.

Deaf-Blind Independent Living Skills Training and Education: These classes create opportunities for Deaf-Blind people to establish and maintain independent lives through personal and home management techniques, communication support, and use of community services.

Deaf-Blind Intern and Mentorships: Intern and Mentorships are available to Deaf-Blind individuals or interpreting students. Through this program participants can tailor their learning experience to meet the goals they have set for themselves. While ASL Interpreting Internships are most commonly requested, we also offer positions to Deaf-Blind individuals to learn organizational and coordination skills for programs or events.

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