Braille Literacy

Statement of Purpose

– The Braille Literacy Program exists to increase and support independence, self-sufficiency, and upward mobility in the workplace for adults who are blind through braille training and reading practice. –

Braille instructor Julie Brannon (left) demonstrates a refreshable braille display to student Dana Marmion (right)

Braille instructor Julie Brannon (left) demonstrates a refreshable braille display to student Dana Marmion (right)

All Employee and Community Services (ECS) programming offers each individual the opportunity to increase their skills in an environment that supports independence, choice, and control over matters impacting each participant. We invite and rely upon consumer involvement and input.

Braille Literacy Program Services

The Braille Literacy Program provides instruction in contracted and uncontracted braille to employees who are blind or have low vision.

Features of the Braille Literacy Program include:

  • Highly qualified instructor
  • Partnership with Washington Talking Book and Braille Library
  • Braille Reading Library
  • Classes can be provided for individuals or group settings.
  • Braille Reading Clubs (Blazers and Ramblers)

Individual classes and services include:

  • Uncontracted Braille
  • Contracted Braille
  • Reading practice
  • Reading speed


Lighthouse and Inland Northwest Lighthouse employees who are legally blind are eligible to participate in classes provided through the Braille Literacy Training Program. Employees who are sighted are also eligible to participate in some Braille program services, although those who are blind or have low vision have priority.


The Braille Literacy Training Program is funded through community support. We rely on financial contributions from local corporations, foundations, service organizations and individuals.

All community support for Lighthouse programs is channeled through the Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind Foundation, whose sole purpose is to gather community support for fulfillment of the Lighthouse mission. Participants do not pay tuition fees.

Information Contact:
Andrew Stauffer
Braille Instructor


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Our Mission: To create and enhance opportunities for independence and self-sufficiency
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