Production Supervisor (Annex Building)

Title: Production Supervisor (Annex Building)
Location: Seattle, Washington
Dept.: Production Support
Reports to: Injection Mold/Production Manager
Hours: First Shift, Full Time M-F
Posted Date: June 13, 2014 – July 13, 2014



Responsible for all facets of production, primarily AbilityOne, in the Injection Mold Shop, E-tool, Canteen Cup & Molle Hydration areas including meeting manufacturing goals and maintaining production schedules, employee safety, building security, complex troubleshooting and decision making. Supervises, develops, trains, motivates and evaluates employees. Oversees functions that directly support production personnel as well as maintains an overall vision in conjunction with organization and departmental mission, goals, and objectives.



  • Supervision of production personnel to include planning, organization, development, training, evaluating and coordination of all activities as related to production responsibilities.
  • Maintain a high level of morale by setting the required standard and consistently rewarding for teamwork, attention to detail, accuracy and efficiency.
  • Responsible for ensuring product manufacturing with maximum quality and efficiency within established timelines. This includes stuff sacks, canteens and bite valve assemblies.
  • Directly supervises personnel in a production environment including hiring, evaluations, training, work assignments, disciplinary actions, upward mobility, and maintain related documentation/records in support of both customer requirements and employee goals and all other related activities.
  • Collaborate effectively with the ECS and HR Departments, and throughout operations to ensure production goals are met; and training, education and supports are in place to meet employee goals.
  • Responsible for assisting in the development and implementation of policies/procedures within an established time frame that will ensure adherence to departmental/organizational practices and policies.
  • Participate in every shop meeting by ensuring employees attend, taking attendance, answering questions and supporting the facilitator.
  • Responsible for overseeing the routine maintenance and housekeeping of production equipment and tools, thus ensuring safe and effective operation to maintain exceptional housekeeping and organizational skills. This may include regular equipment inspections.
  • Provide technical knowledge and assistance based on product, material and machinery knowledge; and employee knowledge and skill levels. Trouble shoot and coordinate with production support departments as required.
  • Responsible for requisitioning supplies within purchase authority limits.
  • Maintain hands-on awareness of manufacturing processes, capabilities and constraints to provide new ideas and suggestions to improve and maintain systems with valid and thorough information that helps to make the organization more competitive and efficient.
  • Provide direction and decision making for a wide variety of unplanned issues that may require immediate attention.
  • Maintain an overall vision that supports the Lighthouse mission by communicating with employees on a regular basis, (i.e. shop meetings, small group activities and individually).
  • Foster and maintain safe and secure work environment.
  • Conceptually understand tooling lay outs and blue prints.
  • Ensure that quality remains in compliance with internal and external customer requirements. May communicate directly with customers, vendors and other stakeholders to answer questions, conduct tours and participate in meetings.
  • Directly supervise personnel in assigned AbilityOne product lines in the main building. These responsibilities include:

1) Understanding, implementing and supporting Lean-manufacturing concepts and the AS9100 Business Management System.

2) Assist in continued development and improvement of the department lay-out as it pertains to Lean manufacturing.

3) Manage established training program for assigned departments.

4) Assist in the selection of new equipment.

5) Oversee the development and cataloging of shop aids and tools.

6) Communicate with other departments to ensure their requirements are met and concerns are addressed.

7) Assist in evaluating the feasibility of new parts for production.

    • Perform other duties as assigned


Minimum Requirements:

  • Understanding, implementing and supporting Lean-manufacturing concepts and the AS9100 Business Management System. Prior experience on the AS9100 internal auditing team. Proven ability to plan, organize, develop employees and monitor progress.
  • Proven communication skills to effectively establish and maintain working relationships with coworkers, managers, customers and other stakeholders. Ability to clearly communicate ideas and expectations, and request and listen to feedback. Ability to participate effectively in the management/lead team meetings.
  • Assist in continued development and improvement of the department lay-out as it pertains to Lean-manufacturing and accessibility. Demonstrated understanding of quality requirements.
  • Five years manufacturing experience is required. Demonstrated leadership skills and ability is required, however acquired. Prior lead or supervisory experience is preferred.
  • Demonstrated initiative for professional and personal growth, through on the job experience, through coursework or classes for example. Has high self-awareness and accepts feedback constructively. Willing to take classes, learn on the job and develop skills to succeed
  • Demonstrated basic computer skills and proficiency in MS Office and other Windows based programs and software
  • Ability to work well with all levels and all departments within the Lighthouse. Ability to work with diverse employees from all backgrounds, many that may require special communication methods, i.e., Braille, large print, interpreter, voice only. Experience working with people with disabilities. Is a role model for the mission and Lighthouse values.


Equal Opportunity Employer, M/F

Please send cover letter and resume to or to:

The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc.
Attn.: Kevin Daniel
2501 S. Plum Street
Seattle, Washington 98144

Telephone: (206) 973-4060
Fax: (206) 436-2244

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