Deaf-Blind Adult Education/Retreat Coordinator

Title: Deaf-Blind Adult Education/Retreat Coordinator
Location: Seattle, Washington
Dept.: Employee and Community Services
Reports to: Deaf-Blind Program Director
Hours: Part-time, M/F


Create and provide leadership, learning and training opportunities for Deaf-Blind individuals.  All endeavors should serve to enhance the self-sufficiency and empowerment of Deaf-Blind participants.


Coordinate all aspects of Deaf-Blind Adult Education offerings

  • Plan, coordinate and deliver all aspects of up to 15 Deaf-Blind Community classes per year, including all logistics (room reservation, transportation, audio equipment etc.), topics, presenters, presenter support, agenda development, hosts, announcers, contacts, registrations, announcements in a safe, accessible and timely fashion
  • Work with DB Program Director and team to plan and deliver all aspects of the annual Deaf-Blind Retreat.
  • Develop and revise curriculums for Adult Education classes; coordinate or deliver instruction to individuals or groups.
  • Work with Deaf-Blind Program team to coordinate PIE meetings (3-4 times per year)
  • Coordinate set up of accessible and safe class and Retreat environments
  • Provide opportunities for Deaf-Blind leadership development as planners, presenters, announcers, hosts etc through DBCC, Retreat, PIE meetings and Adult Education classes
  • Solicit evaluations and feedback annually on all programs from Deaf-Blind participants and interpreters through group meetings, video evals, written evals or 1:1
  • Fill various roles at DBCC, Retreat and PIE meetings as needed (host, facilitator, team leader, director etc.)
  • Provide feedback and support to Deaf-Blind consumers and interpreters when necessary.
  • Track statistical information for quarterly/annual reports in CTK database or narrative as needed.
  • Work with Deaf-Blind Program Director to prepare, balance and maintain annual budgets.
  • Work with Deaf-Blind Program team to maintain and revise Deaf-Blind Community Class and Retreat Manuals as needed.
  • Work with Deaf-Blind Program team to plan ongoing volunteer appreciation and recognition.
  • Work with Deaf-Blind Program team to develop strong, positive relationships with local and national Interpreter Education Programs, and local ASL programs.  Recruit and support volunteer interpreters and SSPs for DBCC and Retreat
  • Work with Deaf-Blind Program team to develop Deaf-Blind intern position and supervise Deaf-Blind interns
  • Support other Deaf-Blind programs, activities and events as needed.
  • Support partnership efforts with our local agencies and organizations that provide support to Deaf-Blind individuals.
  • Participate/present in LH Trainings (Deaf-Blind Awareness, ASL classes, etc.), and tours as needed.
  • Develop knowledge of LH and ECS policies, practices, procedures, culture, etc. as it pertains to this position, the Deaf-Blind Program and ECS.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Minimum 3 years working/socializing with Deaf-Blind adults.
  • References (4) from people in DB community, including 3 Deaf-Blind people.
  • Fluency in ASL.
  • Excellent ability to communicate in a variety of modalities based on consumer preference including: visual and tactile ASL, minimal language, PSE, Signed English, Hard of Hearing non signers.
  • Demonstrated experience coordinating large and ongoing events
  • Demonstrated experience developing curriculum for individual classes or group trainings
  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills.
  • Excellent problem solving skills.
  • Excellent people skills and ability to work on a team.
  • Ability to inspire people
  • Able to complete projects within established time lines.
  • Good working knowledge of MS OUTLOOK, WORD, EXCEL, ACCESS, CTK

Equal Opportunity Employer M/F

Please send cover letter and resume to or to:

The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc.
Attn.: Kevin Daniel
2501 S. Plum Street
Seattle, Washington 98144

Telephone: (206) 973-4060
Fax: (206) 436-2244
TTY: (206) 324-1388

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