BSC Merchandising/Inventory Analyst

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Title: BSC Merchandising/Inventory Analyst
Department: Base Supply Center
Reports To: Vice President of Base Supply Centers
Location: Joint Base Lewis McChord
Hours: Full Time M-F


Responsible for design, creation of displays, product promotion, and product training of the sales staff.  Overall visual quality of BSC stores. Creates and maintains compelling presentation of merchandise to engage customers and stimulate sales activity.    Documents plan-o-grams that can be repeated at all locations.  Works closely with store managers and purchasing to identify best promotional opportunities.  Identifies facility improvement to keep stores attractive and appealing.  Manages the BSC cycle count program.


Product and Customer Duties

  • Create visual displays to stimulate interest to entice sales and product attention.
  • Holiday decorations and themes
  • Patriotic themed events
  • Plan seasonal promotions
  • Stock shelves when needed.
  • May rearrange product/store layout from time to time.  Big layout changes may be performed outside of normal business hours to reduce stain on employees and customers.
  • Selects inventory to be cycle counted monthly.  Collects and publishes results.  May identify products that create inventory problems (similar packaging, no barcode, etc) and move to discontinue them.
  • Merchandise flow and product placement is a primary responsibility so proactive participation in inventory is vital to the success of the merchandising effort.  In the course of completing visual merchandising duties you will take inventory, facilitate stock transfers between stores, execute markdowns, and maintain awareness of potential loss.
  • Assists Purchasing Manger in the disposal of obsolete and discontinued merchandize.
  • Suggests new product ideas.
  • Can back-up cashier or store personnel during busy periods.

Employee Communication and Teamwork

  • Works assigned hours – may alter shift as necessary.  Responsible for accuracy of time sheet. Notifies supervisor of any absence per policy.
  • Communicate with store managers/store team regarding design concepts, visual display standards, store layout and display points, as well as how and what items are to be displayed.  Good communication will motivate store personnel help make the displays successful.
  • Communicates to supervisor regarding any uncertainty of work instruction.
  • Completes assigned tasks in a timely manner.
  • Completes assignments in a safe manner.  Demonstrates safe lifting techniques.  Uses box cutters and other material in a careful and safe manner.
  • Keeps aisles clear and safe for customers and employees when tearing down displays during business hours.
  • Highlights new products.  Demonstrates new products to store personnel informing them on features they might sell.
  • Count/verify inventory.

Advertising and Sales Duties

  • Obtain props and accessories for constructing displays.
  • Make and paint props and signs.
  • Use mannequins, props or other media for best presentation value.
  • Arrange signage.
  • Takedown displays
  • Inventory supplies used in displays.
  • Work with suppliers utilizing their advertising, plan-o-grams or other assistance.
  • Work with LH communications on advertising materials/signage, etc.
  • May re-stock shelves.  Shelves should be full and attract customers.  Products should not be placed too tight so it’s difficult to remove products.
  • Labels shelves with Shelf (Price) Tags.  Uses sticker system to identify back stock or multiple facings.
  • Manage products that are out-of-stock. Check inventory quantity.  Check min/max. Flip shelf tags where products are sold out.  Move neighboring products to cover empty shelves.
  • Maintain product quality and standards of the store by constantly facing products, making sure older products are in front to get sold and any carton/product damage should be fixed or reported for disposition.
  • Maintains professional appearance.  Represents LH and AbilityOne in a positive manner.



  • AA Degree or equivalent


  • Prior retail experience 7-10 years.  Formal visual merchandising training (portfolio)?  Understanding marketing practices.  Previous supervisory experience.

Physical Demands

  • Must be able to lift up to 50lbs (box of copy paper) using safe lifting techniques throughout shift.  Constantly, picking master cartons off floor, onto carts, then unpacking to stock shelves.  Working on concrete floors that may be uneven.  Standing, stooping, bending, stretching throughout shift.  Physical demands are high throughout shift.
  • Must be able to carry equipment, climb ladders and work in confined spaces.  May need to work nights and weekends to limit disruption during store hours.  Must be extra careful when working alone off regular hours.

Technical Skills

  • Ability to use a computer/keyboarding
  • Working knowledge of MS Office.  Must be able to build Excel spreadsheets.  Document plan-o-grams.
  • Must be good with numbers.
  • Excellent organizational, planning, project management skills.
  • Must be able to use office business machines and equipment (phones, fax, copier, paging system)
  • Must be creative, artistic and analytical.
  • Good color sense.
  • Good drawing and design abilities.
  • Eye for detail.


Communication Skills

  • Should be able to communicate in a pleasant, polite, and professional manner with both customers and co-workers.  Should be able to answer routine customer questions and direct them to the appropriate person for resolution.
  • Fluent English, written and spoken.
  • Ability to offer clear direction both verbally and in written instructions/procedures.
  • Training
  • To prepare for promotions and growth, learning best practices, becoming proficient in job duties, communicating well with your supervisor and demonstrating excellent dependability will make you promotable either within your store or other BSC locations.
  • Will train store personnel on planned events, promotions and products.


  • We represent The Lighthouse for the Blind, the AbilityOne program, NIB and all other non-profit agencies devoted to blind and low-vision missions.
  • Keep your customers happy always.  Guide them.
  • Customers must be satisfied.  Must patiently listen, listen, listen.  Customers should be treated with respect at all times.  Take time to talk with customers, new products, how cool something is, etc.
  • Mission
  • Commitment to LH mission.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Please send cover letter and resume to or to:
The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc.
Attn.: Don Helsel
2501 S. Plum Street
Seattle, Washington 98144
Telephone: (206) 436-2160
Fax: 206.436.2244
TTY: (206) 324-1388

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