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INL Production Worker Eugene Daily assembling wallboards

“Working at Inland Northwest Lighthouse (INL) is more than just a job,” says Nick Shively. “Because of INL I have learned new skills to become more independent and confident.”

Nick was born with Usher’s Syndrome. He grew up with profound hearing loss and at the age of 35, he began losing his vision. When he had to leave his job because of his deteriorating vision, Nick spent several years struggling to find gainful employment. Then, in March 2009, Nick was hired at INL, where he was recently promoted to a lead position in the wallboard department.

Nick has worked hard to develop the skills and achieve upward mobility at the Lighthouse. He has taken full advantage of the training programs offered at INL including our Computer and Assistive Technology training and Orientation and Mobility training. “I have upped my confidence,” adds Nick. “I’ve learned how to travel independently and acquired new skills.”

Your support has the power to change the lives of people who are blind and DeafBlind like Nick. With your gift today, we can continue supporting our employees’ personal goals and pursuit of increased independence and self-sufficiency.

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Address: 6405 N. Addison Street | Spokane, WA 99208 [map]

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From left to right: INL workers Rodney Christiansen, Jennifer Marshall, Maria Bradford (sitting), Ron Cook, David Guy, Karl Schaeffler, Mike Robinson

The first satellite operation of The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc., the Inland Northwest Lighthouse (INL) has helped to expand job opportunities to people who are blind across Washington State. Hiring the first employee who is blind in Spokane in June 2008, today we employ 52 individuals who are blind in Spokane and plan to add more jobs in the year to come. Products currently manufactured at the INL include Quartet/SKILCRAFT® co-branded wallboards, hanging file folders, spring-back binders, paper trimmers, and dry-erase easels.

INL Production workers Jeremy Stanton (left) and Mark Shively (right)The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc. relies on generous community members to sustain and grow employment opportunities for people who are blind in the Eastern Washington area. To find out how you can help, please contact Development and Public Relations Director Shawn Dobbs at (509) 487-0405 or via email at

We are always looking to create new partnerships and relationships with people and organizations that will help us advance our mission of providing employment and services for those who are blind, DeafBlind, and blind with other disabilities. If you are interested in our hiring process, or have questions about our facility, please contact our Senior Director of Strategic Recruiting Kevin Daniel at 1-800-914-7307 or

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Our Mission: To create and enhance opportunities for independence and self-sufficiency
for people who are blind, DeafBlind, and blind with other disabilities.

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