Igniting Passion: Meet Katherine Perry

Katherine Perry

Katherine Perry

“Several years ago I took a tour of The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc., and after the tour I thought to myself, I need to learn more,” says Katherine Perry about what ignited her passion for the Lighthouse. “I started out volunteering as a cashier at an auction the Lighthouse was hosting, and then I took a tour, and here I am today.”

Meet Katherine Perry, the dynamic, energetic, and committed Chair of the Redefining Vision Luncheon Committee and longtime supporter, donor, and volunteer at the Lighthouse. Katherine is the new face of donors: young and engaged. “I remember my Aunt taking me to a Habitat for Humanity dedication in my teens, but it wasn’t until I went to Seattle University that philanthropy became an integral part of who I am.” Seattle University requires students to engage with the community through the completion of volunteer hours. Katherine gave her time to such organizations like St. James Kitchen, Sisters of Providence Shelter, and others.

When asked what drives her commitment to the Lighthouse she replies without hesitation, “the Lighthouse is truly about self-sufficiency and providing an empowering environment. Other non-profits give, but the Lighthouse gives opportunity.” Katherine goes on to share, “It’s the people at the Lighthouse! They care so deeply, and there is so much kindness you see amongst the employees. It is an amazing place that will blow your mind. Where else can you find DeafBlind employees doing the work done here, it is amazing!”

Katherine brings to her volunteer work at the Lighthouse an authentic level of energy and pure compassion. As a nurse, she helps people every day, for her, “This is a natural extension of who I am,” and everyone at the Lighthouse is so grateful for who she is!

Thank you, Katherine, for your devotion to, and love for the Lighthouse!


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