Welcome our new O&M Specialist Nancy Jackman!

O&M Specialist Nancy Jackman

O&M Specialist Nancy Jackman

Thanks to community support of our programs and services, we have been able to put most of our business revenue into providing more jobs. With more jobs comes the need for more services. Meet our new O&M Specialist, Nancy Jackman.

“People learn in unique ways. I like the one-on-one instruction of O&M and being able to tailor lessons to each individuals’ needs,” says Nancy. “As a person with low vision due to albinism, I myself have had to self-advocate for the supports I need to fully participate in education.”

Nancy enjoys time spent in the field collaborating and interacting with people. Exploring and navigating new routes can be challenging and is exciting to Nancy. “It’s an honor to witness people gain the confidence to solve problems.”

Welcome Nancy!


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