How Far Would You Travel to Find Employment?

Production Worker Erik Heil

Production Worker Erik Heil

Meet Erik Heil, originally from Brooklyn, NY, who took the bus from Tennessee for the chance to get a job at the Lighthouse. Thanks to the community supporting our programs and services, we have been able to expand rapidly in the past few years and have many positions to be filled here at our Seattle facility. After three days of traveling across the country, Erik was hired on the spot.

December 6th, 2015 was Erik’s first day at a full-time job in his entire life. Transitioning to life in the Seattle area comes with a lot of challenges for Erik. “I can get 99% of the way to my apartment, but there’s a section of sidewalk that is missing. At one point I have to walk on the shoulder of the road.”

Erik is making use of the Orientation and Mobility program here at the Lighthouse to help him get used to his surroundings, but the demand for those services is currently very high. With your contribution today, you help can expand that program and provide Erik with even more support than he currently has.

Join us in welcoming Erik to the Lighthouse family and the Seattle area. Thank you for giving him the opportunity and the supports necessary for him to thrive in his job.


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