INL Donor Spotlight: Reed Caudle, Baker Construction

Reed Caudle

Reed Caudle

In fiscal year 2014, Inland Northwest Lighthouse (INL) was honored to receive a $40 thousand charitable gift from Baker Construction & Development, the construction company selected to build the expansion of our INL facility. We recently spoke to Reed Caudle, Senior Vice President of Baker Construction, about the project and his experience working with INL.

During the construction process weekly meetings were held to update progress and address any potential safety or accessibility concerns that might arise as a result of construction. While this extra communication helped build a strong relationship between Baker Construction and INL, Reed credited the dedication of INL staff and employees. “Everyone at the Lighthouse is passionate about the work that they do and you can’t help but become passionate yourself.”

Founded in 1951, Baker Construction has been family-owned and operated for three generations. Baker employs 50 individuals as part of their commercial construction business. Their philosophy is, “Do the right thing and help people succeed with the knowledge and services we provide.”

Reed said, “The relationship between INL and Baker is more than just a business relationship.” INL is grateful for the support of Baker Construction and we look forward to future opportunities to work together to increase the number of accessible jobs we provide for people who are blind, Deaf-Blind, and blind with other disabilities.


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