Inland Northwest Lighthouse (INL)

Spokane community members come together to celebrate White Cane Day at Riverfront ParkIn 2012, we continued to create and enhance opportunities for people who are blind in the Spokane area at Inland Northwest Lighthouse (INL). Our employee count grew to a staff of over 50 dedicated individuals who machine aerospace parts, Quartet©/SKILCRAFT® co-branded wallboards, dry-erase easels, hanging file folders, paper trimmers, and spring-back binders. We added two new wallboard machines to the production floor, which will increase our production capacity and help us grow our very popular product line.

INL depends on the local community and the volunteer commitment of the INL Advisory Council to create jobs in the Spokane area. To sustain this support, INL pursues donations from generous community partners and through events to raise awareness about issues related to blindness. INL’s public and fundraising events include periodic White Cane Walks in honor of National White Cane Safety Day. In Fall 2012, white cane users and sighted guests donned vision simulation goggles and sleep shades to walk a predetermined course through Riverfront Park. The course of the White Cane Walk offered various types of terrain, in order to give examples of navigating a path for individuals who are partially sighted or blind.

INL has also held Redefining Vision Wine Tastings and the Spokane Braille Rally to highlight braille literacy. These events have featured the involvement of INL employees as participants and have been led by Spokane-area volunteers from the INL Advisory Council.


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Our Mission: To create and enhance opportunities for independence and self-sufficiency
of people who are blind, DeafBlind, and blind with other disabilities.

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