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As the outgoing and incoming Foundation Board Presidents for Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind Foundation, it is our privilege to report on the charitable funds raised in 2011. Donations stewarded by Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind Foundation support our mission to provide employment for people who are blind, Deaf-Blind, and blind with other disabilities through its manufacturing and service businesses.

Each of us came to support this mission in a different way – one of us through a family member helped by the organization, the other through a professional connection. Lighthouse donors and community partners are similarly moved by the results of our employment opportunities and by the personal stories of improved lives.

As leaders and members of the Foundation board, we work with partners like you to raise funds for the Employee and Community Services programs that make employment possible.

In 2011, our mission benefitted from generous planned gifts through wills and other financial tools, which resulted in one of our best years in terms of charitable funds raised.

The Redefining Vision event and our inaugural Spokane Braille Rally at Inland Northwest Lighthouse inspired numerous gifts from individuals, increased major giving, and attracted sponsorship support.

Significant corporate and foundation gifts came throughout the year from organizations like The Norcliffe Foundation, Wells Fargo Foundation, RealNetworks, Okuma America and Gosiger Northwest, to name just a few.

It takes all these partners to make our important work possible. Thank you for being part of this commitment.

Thank you for your support.

Howard Dickerman
, Foundation Board President

Tom Kuebler's Signature

Tom Kuebler, Foundation Board President


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