2011 Giving Circle and Annual Fund Donors

The Lighthouse is proud to highlight the following individuals whose dedication and commitment provide so many opportunities for the people we serve in our community.

Austin, Clark, and McLaughlin Founders Circle – $10,000+

James and Marie Borgman
Estate of Gerald Fitzgerald
Sarah Johnson

Louis Braille Circle – $5,000 – $9,999

Kirk* and Ros Adams
Chap and Eve Alvord
Steve and Sandra Caughell
Howard** and Dianna Dickerman
Conrad Hanson
Jay** and Mary Jones
Louise S. Kidwiler
Tua E. Levenworth Charitable Trust

White Cane Circle – $2,500 – $4,999

Wilhelmina Clapp
Paul* and Bev Fletcher
Dave** and Andria Garten
Karen Kidd*
Doug** and Willeen Klan
John Watson*
Willie Wilkinson

Guide Dog Circle – $1,000 – $2,499

Lee and Madeline Abney
Kermit and Danna Anderson
Loren** and Ann Anderson
Amy Brackenbury
Herb Bridge**
Rhonda Bright
Cece Carr
Nancy Debaste
Amidy Doolittle
Constance* and Jim Engelstad
Amy and Gregg Fossum
Robert R. Francis**
William and Joanne Fraser
Suzan Frazzini
Annette Hall
Edith Hilliard
Paula Hoffman*
Lisa and Max Hunter
Denny and Lonnie Huse
George Jacobson**
Charlotte B. Johnson
Jens E. Jorgensen**
Pete and Kathy Kalapaca
Amy Koehl*
Ray Kyte* and Wendy Lubahn
Richard Ladner and Ann Sauer
Phyllis Lindsey
Ursula* and Glenn* McCully
Frederick Mendoza**
Steven Moger
Ron and Rita Morey
Cydane Morgan
Pat* and Christine O’Hara
Ann Pryde
Chuck** and Karen Riley
Rachel Seashore and Marc Goode
Laura and Adam Selipsky
Helen Stusser
Patrick** and Susan Sullivan
Michael Swindling
David Troyke**
Bruce** and Judy Walker
Barbara Webb
Ken** and Janice Wherry

Annual Fund Donors:

Aase Aadland
Carla L. Abbott*
J. H. Abramson
Jim and Marilyn Adams
Jim and Sally Adams
Lewis and Linda Adams
Earl and Maryellen Adolphson
Roma and Rajesh Agny
Verneil and Robert Aitken
Eugene and Audrey Alexy
Ronald Allen
Merle J. Ammons
A. J. and Shirley Anderson
Allison and Anders Anderson
Janice and Victor Anderson
June L. Anderson and Nancy Armstrong
Norman and Gladys Anderson
Sean and Sara Anderson
Traci Anderson**
Roxie Andrews
Andrew Arana and Lucille Walls
Linda and Brett Armstrong
William Arrigoni
James and Deirdre Ashlock
Hazel Askren
Dorothy K. Atkins
William and Anne Aulenbach
Thomas and Joan Aulik
Arthur and Betty Babin
Andy Bacon* and Deanna Isabell
Kenneth and Sydnie Bagdon
Berdine and Leonard Bagger
Bob Baker
Gwendolen and Eric Baker
V. Nadine Baker
Shauna Balderson
Daniel Bangert
Wayne I. Banta
James and Nancy Bardeen
Jacqueline Bardsley
Robert and Tina Barker
George and Frances Barnecut
Bruce J. Barnes
Margaret Barrett
Marlys and Ford Barrett
Virginia Bathrick
Betty V. Baudoin
Daniel and Bonnie Bauer
Jennifer Beach and Trevor Allen
Austin Beale
Myrle and Madonna Bean
Pamela E. Beasley
Katy Beck** and Brian Chopp
Taylor A. Belsvik
Jack and Becky Benaroya
William Benke
Ole and Elizabeth Bennedsen
Randall Benson
Gerald and Maria Beppu
Christopher and Genine Berard
Michael P. Berg
Sten and Pamela Berg
Beatrice Berge
Elizabeth and Randal Bergerson
James Bergman
Tami L. Berk*
Ronald E. Bernier
Barbara Bernstein
Donna Marie Bertrand
Harold F. Bexter
John and Pamela Bigas
Jacqueline Bischoff
Robert H. Bizak
Ralph W. Blackett
Lawrence Blank
Dennis J. Bloch
Dennis and Cheryl Bloomfield
Nicole M. Blue
Allen and Susan Boeker
Barbara H. Boettcher
Warren and Carolyn Booth
Keith and DeLoris Borg
Patricia Borth
Debra Bosworth
Gertrude Both
Kimberly S. Bouman
Ann Bowden
Carole Bowman
Paula and Maria Bradford
Miss Maria Bradford*
Dr. Jack H. Brandon
Kim C. Brandt
Julie* and Nathan* Brannon
George Branson and Taylor Barnecut
Marjorie A. Breitenbach
Dorothy J. Brennan
Keri* and David Brent
Audrey M. Bridgham
Gregory Brigance
Tinie Brisco
A. Christine Brown
Christopher Brown
Lawrence and Elizabeth Brown
Merrill Brown
Shauna Brown*
Tom Brown
Rebecca A. Brown
Richard and Edith Bryan
Nancy D. Bryson
Dr. Michael J. Buckley
Paul and Sara Bueren
Laurel and Ben Bunker
Joshua and Julie Burkey
Charles T. Burkhardt
Jo M. Burr
Robert and Nancy Burr
Gretchen* and Dan Butler
Kim and Aaron Butler
Rich Butler
James C. Button
Richard and Lauretta Byrd
Kathy Cabrian
Mary Cabrian*
Charlene Campbell
Todd Carey
Chris Carle and Rhonda K. King
Chris and Mitzi Carletti
Karen Carlson
David and Paddy Carlson
Frank Carr
Betty Carroll
Dave and Jan Carter
David and Wanda Cassidy
Henry O. Cato
Victor B. Cauffman
Bess W. Cawthra
Tane Cederberg
Bette Chambers
Kathleen Chandler
Khampa Chantharangsay
Louise Y. Chase
Lynn* and Robert Chase
Richard Childs
Robert E. Christiansen
Lynn Chun
Marguerite Clark
Sheila Clark
John and Donna Clay
Carol M. Cleaves
Doris E. Cleveland
David and Margaret Clogston
Alice Coate
Chris Codd
Courtney M. Coddington
Dave Coffman
Timothy Coghill*
Ellis Cohen
Raye and Louis Cohen
James and Myrna Cole
Steven Coltcher
JoAnn Coney
Patrick Connor
Naomi Constantine
Frank J. Constantino
Glen and Adrian Cook
Tiffany M. Cooks
Sasha and Colin Correnti
Kenneth E. Cottingham
Gordon E. and Leone Craig
Judith Craig
Beverly Cram
Richard and Janna Cresswell
David and Gay Croft
Diana Crombie*
James and Ruth Cromer
Joel Crosby**
Paul Crosby and Linda Sorensen
Bruce M. Cross
Victor F. Cross
Lois and Calvin Crow
Ronald Perry Crump
Susan L. Cummings
Phyllis and Allen Cunningham
Terri L. Curnutt*
William Curtis
Minerva Cush
Wilhesmina Dabney
Jill Dahl
Steven and Christine Dahl
Mal Daily
Margaret K. Dakan
Karen and Claudio Dallavalle
Jerry and Mary Anne D’Ambrosio
Kevin* and Marsha Daniel
Arlene Darby
Robert Darling
Mary Lillian Davis
Richard G. Davis
Ronald and Gayleen Davis
Terry and Marion Dawson
Linda R. Day
Joe Debord
Roy DeBritz and Mae Albright
Karel Deibel
David Della and Odette Polintan
Phil and Sandy Demasi
Kathy DeWitt
Craig Dias**
Sean and Jennifer Dinning
Michael R. Dire
Elizabeth Dittmer
Larry Dodson* and Michelle Pettie-Dodson
Esther Donner
Capt. Charles Dorian
Thomas Douville
John and Shawn Dowd
Cora E. Dowzak and Katherine M. Dowzak
Bernard J. Doyle
Ileana Draghici
Suzanne Dressler Kellar
Elizabeth Driscoll
Myrtle Dudley and Kristin M. Schrantz
Robert Duffy**
Carel V. Dunaway
Donald and Mary Duncan
Emil N. Dupuy
Michael and Deloris Duquette
Judy and Dan Durfee
Lois Dusenbery
Anderson Duvall
Sheila Dwyer
Benjamin and Carolyn Dy
Lorraine T. Dyer
Mary Jane Earlewine
Charles K. Eaton
Tyler J. Eckel*
Richard A. Eckloff
Terra Edwards
Harry J. Egler**
Myrle and Madonna Eldon
Roberta Ellis
Lori A. Elston
Margarita and Jack Eng
Ayleen F. Erickson
John L. Erling
John and Susan Eshelman
Shari R. Estep
Richard B. Evans
Albert Evans
Thomas Everill
Iris F. Ewing
Dick L. Fanning
Tami and Christopher Farnes
Maria Fedorean
Elmer and Kay Felton
Lewis Filler
Joseph C. Firey
Gerard and Martha Fisher
Susan and Eckhard Fischer
Roy and Vicki Flitton
Verna E. Florov
Randy and Debbie Fockler
Melanie Ford
Vince R. Ford
Elene S. Forrester
Jeff S. Foster*
Marlene and David Foster
Robert Fox
Sylvia Fox
Ronald and Patricia Frank
Jon and Linda Franklin
Kevin and Jeanne Franklin
Chris Frankovich
Carlyne Fredericks
Jason French* and Leslie Ashbaugh
Eddie J. Fueston and O. Jerry
Bernard G. Gabrisch
John Gabry
Honorio and Rebecca Gaceta
John Gahenn
Paul Gallagher
Larry and Vicki Gardner
Peter and Mary Gartshore
Anita and Pedro Gaviria
Matthew and Janet Gerber
Arthur and Peggy Gerdes
Tatiana Gertsen
Sonja Gierke
Dick and Faye Gillett
Lillian Gilmore
Sharon Gilmore
Phillip E. Gladfelter
Frauke Glaspy
Wilfred Glass
Catherine E. Gloth
Ann Gnozzo
Lorraine Goldberg
Loretta and Merle Gotham
Gordon Gower
Vivian Graaf
Kenneth and Teresa Grabstein
Lola Gracey
Gary K. Graf
George and Barbara Grashin
Louis and Ruthmarie Gratzer
Holly Gray*
Fred and Anne Greaves
Erin T. Green
Edwin Greer
Basil Gregores
Dean and Thomas Gregory
Dewain Grier
Jennifer and Roger Grohs
Robert and Debra Gruber
Larry G. Gudbranson
Gordon Gump
George Gundlach
Thomas and Rosemary Hackett
Diana and Terrell Haines
Donald and Gail Haines
Margaret and Craig Haines
Kathy R. Hale and Mark Hoge
Melvin Hall
Raymond Haman**
Larry M. Hamilton
Herbert E. Hammond
Morris and Patty Hanan
Robert Hanna*
Frances A. Hannah
Nicol Hanner
Shirley and Glenn Hannon
Patricia M. Hanson
Martin Hanson
William Harbert
Roblee Harris
Ron Harris
Deborah and John Hartman
Susan D. Harvey
Maxine D. Hass
George Hattell
Darrell E. Haugen
Paul D. Haugen
Ann and Charles Hayes
Gladys Headley
Keri Healey
John D. Hedlund and Judith A. Tegen
Rod Hedman
Virginia and Thomas Henderson
Kelcey and Derek Hendrickson
William H. Henline
Robert L. Henninger
Dave Hennlier
John Hern
Michael and Jenica Herndon
Doug Hildie and Karen Johnson
Laurence and Evelyn Hile
Erna Hiles and Kent Armbruster
Barbara L. Hill
Pauline Hill*
Leonard and Mary Hilla
Kurt and Shelley Hilliard
Michael and Karin Hilliard
Barbara D. Himmelman and Stephen Bronson
Hajime and Michiko Hirata
Christine Hobbs and Kathleen Briney
Verlyn and Gary Hobbs
Roland and Geraldine Hoefer
John Holaday
James Holdway
Lisa and Mark Holmberg
Eugene and Janet Holttum
Fred and Karen Horvath
Robert and Mary Ann Hottell
Doris and Stanley Hovik
Robert M. Hoye-Logan*
Susanne Hubbach
Mark Huber
Mary A. Hulse
Melvin and Amy Hurd
Klaus O. Huschke
Mark and Janice Hutchinson
C. N. Iles
Sue Ingersoll and Pat Jankord
Barbara Innes
Mike and Linda Irons
Elaine Irvine
Frank and Nicole Isik
Mary E. Iszley
Alexander Jacklin
Barbara Jackson
David and Edith Jackson
Harlan Jackson
James M. Jacobsen
Norman G. Jacobson
Sibyl V. James
Ronald A. Janiszewski
Amy Jantz
Camille and David Jassny
David Jefferson*
Virginia Jepsen
Valdis J. Jodais
Elsie Johanson
Agness M. Johnson
Dr. David W. Johnson
Keith R. Johnson
Ken and Nancy Johnson
Nicole Johnson
Richard A. Johnson
Robert Johnson Jr.
Robert* and Kathleen Johnson
Dianne and Jim Johnston
Karen Johnston*
Gina E. Jonas
Colleen Jones and Joshua Shippy
Jack and Roni Jones
Sherilyn and Reginald Jones
Daniel and Phyllis Kahn
Dr. Robert E. Kalina M.D.
Gust and Kathleen Kallas
Robert and Lenora Kalous
Bob Kapinos and Sarah Garrison
Betty Kardas
Daniel and Sarah Karr
Richard and Joyce Kastel
Jake I. Kawakami
E. L. Keil
Pamela M. Kelley
John Kelly
Don Kentop
Carol Kern
Marie Kernie
Labiba Khan
Eugene and Barbara Kidder
Claudia Kienholz
Kelsey and Adam King
Richard Kipper
Judith Kirk
Kevin Kirk
E. Doris and John Klan
Kathryn Klosky
Delbert and Viola Koberstine
Siteri Diani Kochendorfer
Anthony Kogut
Robert R. Kondrat
William and Ann Konertz
Bernie and Kathleen Korth
Dale M. Kosier
Dorothy Kosinski*
Darlene and Larry Kosoff
Sara Kosugi and Jeanette Kosugi
Panos and Toula Koutlas
George Kraft and Susanne O’Trimble
Diane Kroft
Bob F. Kruse
Tom Kuebler**
Sylvia Kuebler
Robert H. Kuhner
Gregory E. Lahti
Louise and Lawrence Lake
Sharon Lanan
Keats Landis
Dennis and Ruth Landmark
Raymond and Elizabeth Landry
Cheryl Lane
Marshall Langohr and Marsha Schoene
Arthur and Cela Larson
Ted Larson
Shirley Lashua
Kirk W. Laughlin*
John and Nora Laughlin
Edward E. Lawrence
Edwin F. Lawrence
Eleanor J. Lawry
Cornelia Lawson
Isabelle M. LeBlanc and Cherie L. Schuster
Chun and Peggy Lee
Douglas C. Lee
Genise Lee
Leslie Leitch*
Ervin and Teodora Lemke
Janet Lenhardt*
Justine Levesque
Debbie Lewis
Hortense W. Lewis
Robert and Gloria Lewis
Marlaina and Gary Lieberg
Eleanor M. Liezen
John and Opal Liljegren
Eleanor M. Limmer
John M. Lincoln and Katia A. Hristova
Catherine and Louis Lindsey
Donna and Rodney Linkous
James and Dolores Little
Mary Clare Litzen
Bill Livingston
Sonya L. Locke
Arch Logan
Jolene Logue
Karen London*
Karen Louis-Jeune
Geneva I. Lowe
Paul and Mary Loyle
Don and Candace Ludeman
Joyce Lumsden
Constance Luna
Rick and Joan Lundquist
David and Louise Luthy
Janet Lygid
John F. Mack
Frances Mairs
Shirley Mallory
Trupti D. Mande
Paul W. Manly
Jack and Florence Marlow
Jason and Janeen Marrs
Norman and Karen Marten
Michael Martens*
Chris O. Martin
Janet A. Martin
Jonathan and Elizabeth Martin
Mitchell and Tara Martin
Nicholas Marvais
Kathleen and Chuck Maryatt
Raymond and Jill Master
J.M. Masterson
Sonja Matison
Jackie Matthews and Kurt Magnuson
Larry Matthews
Michael and Jacqueline McBride
Fayne S. McCaffray
Lauren H. McCartha
Floyd McComas
Bill and Sybil McConaughy
Jack McCullough
Elaine McDowell
Olga M. McEwing
Larry McGinnis
Daniel McGlothlin
Dominic M. McGrosso and Monique R. Courtier
Marie McIntosh
Len and Tamara McKay
Thomas and Corinne McLeod
Irene and Wallace McMaster
Robert G. McMaster
Lillian and Stanley McMullin
Ryan McNary
Brad McNeil
Jean E. McTavish
Betty McWilliams
John Mensher
Roger W. Menzer
Sharon Merriam
Dawn and Steven Millard
Barbara C. Miller and Susan Night
Cathy M. Miller
Danielle Miller and Ian Stenseng
June Miller
Roberta F. Miller
Robin G. Miller
Eleanor Miner
Bernie Minsk
Joseph Mintz
Mirko and Mildred Misic
Earl and Myrna Mitchell
Amy R. Moe
Elsie and Ernie Moffet
Alexander Mogilevsky
Mustafa Mohamedali
Donald E. Molitor
Don** and Betty Mollet
John E. Monsour
John and Diane Monteith
Jennifer Moore* and Andrew Schlotfeldt
Sherry and Charles Moore
Robert Morales
Louise B. Moran
Darlene Mores and Cheryl Martin
Theron K. Morgan
Ted and Mary Morneau
Dawn R. Morrison
Robert and Doris Morton
Edward Mosley and Denetta Burnett
Patricia and Michael Mounce
Christopher and Andren Moyer
Lea Moynihan
Charles and Marilyn Mullavey
Mae Mullen*
Robert and Calvin Munk
Michael Murphy and A. Faires
Victoria Murray
Dora and Leslie Myers
Maxine E. Myrick and Kenneth Benison
Harue Nakatani
Donald E. Neal
Carmen Nellie
A. J. and Marjorie Nelson
Fern and Julian Nelson
Jack and Thelma Nelson
Maurice I. Nelson
Robert N. Nelson
George and Susan Newman
Hai T. Nguyen
Hoa and Flavie Nguyen
Dr. Michael Nieder
Jerry Noel
Lorie Noel
Susan and Pat Noon
Juanita and John Nordin
Cynthia Norman
Janet E. Nydig
Thomas and Susan Oas
David and Florence O’Brien
Patrick and Suzanne Ofenloch
Tekeste Ogbamicael*
Cindy O’Hara
Phyllis J. Oldenburg and James C. Smith
Lloyd and Ruth Olson
Linell O’Neil
William Orland
John and Jean Osborn
Dallas L. Otter
Loc P. Packer
Bob and Marian Pacquer
James and Jennie Palmer
Roy and Joyce Palmer
Sherry Pannek
Amy and William Parker
Angie Parker
Patrick Parker Jr.
Bill Pascoe
Peggy Patrick
James and Elizabeth Patterson
Darin Paulson
Ruby Peacock and Judy Patton
Ying Peng
Beverly Perry
Lillian K. Perry
Robert G. Personius
Connie and Michael Pete
Donald and Aileen Peters
Evelyn Peters
Dorothy and Warren Petersen
June Petersen and Mary Fortier
Johnnie Peterson*
Marion and James Peterson
Nancy Peterson
William and Carol Peterson
Larry M. Phillips
Gerald and Jean Pickens
Lynnelle Pierce*
Suzanne Pitone
Karch and Linda Polgar
Mona and Harvey Porter
Robert P. Potratz
Vern and Vanya Poulsen
John and Janet Pruitt
Carol and Ann Quigg
Kevin Quinn
Cecilia Quirk
Leigh and Louise Rabel
Steven and Heidi Rasmussen
Virginia and Richard Ray
Dennis M. Rencher
Jim Renz
Jennifer Reynolds
Peggy Rhodes
Barbara K Rice
Elaine E. Richards
Gerald and Linda Richards
Dick Richardson
William A. Richardson
Joyce and W.J. Riggs
Tom and Susan Rigos
Nancy Riley
David and Jennifer Rix
Henry and Donna Robinett
Loren and Virginia Robinson
Ralph W. Robinson
Steve Robinson
Sylvia and Roy Robinson
Junius and Joanne Rochester
Raymond M. Roe
J.V. Roe
Louis and Lorna Roebke
John and Virginia Roecker
Rosella Z. Roff
Victor G. Romley
Justine Rosenlof
Barbara** and Ronald Ross
Donald and Joanne Ross
Kazuko Ross
Walter and Vickie Rosslow
Angela Rotstein
Raymond F. Rowan
Joanne Rubright
Carol Rudy
Steve Ruedy
Monica Rush
Joshua Russell*
Deborah Rustin
Karol Saito
Christopher Sakas
Caridad Sanchez
Molly Sano
Hideo and May Sasaki
Jeremy Sasser* and Robert Steppler
Samuel Savidge
Janie Scarff
Perry and Arita Scarlatos
Ruth M. Sceva
Peggy L. Schafran
R. J. Schanzenbach
Stacey and Robin Scheid
David D. Schilke
Teresa Schlund
Teresa and Galen Schmidt
James Schmoker
Dennis and Saralee Schneck
Charles Schukar
Rachel A. Schular
Steven and Doreen Schulfer
Kathleen and Adam Scoggin
Michelle Seeley and Jesse Parent
Patrick P. Selfridge
Lou B. Sereday
Mathuradas G. Shah
Fred and Susan Shanafelt
Ellen and William Shannon
Darrel and Barbara Sharrard
George and Judith Shea
Isabelle and Francis Sheen
Lynda and Steven Shelton
Karen Shepard
Lloyd and Betty Shoop
Mary Shorett
John Shrewsbury
Robert and Evelyn Siewert
Richard and Roberta Simonds
Janis and Robert Simpson
Donald Sirkin
Phyllis Skillingstead
Norm* and Beverly Slader
Ann M. Slater
Billie Jo Smith
Irma A. Smith
Jason Smith
Joan P. Smith
Karen and Kevin Smith
Laura H. Smith
Loyal and Sarah Smith
Ellen Snow
Richard and Patricia Sobota
Norma Somers
Esperanza P. Songco
Edward and Lynn Soule
David and Mary Souza
Ilse Spang
Kerry and Audrey Sparlin
Samantha Spencer
William and Sharon Spencer
Michael Speyer
Harold L. Spilde
Alan and Susan Stacey
Fred Stanley
Robert and Anne Stanley
Jeremy Stanton*
John Stanton
Mark and Victoria Stanton
Pat C. Stanton
Tom and Deanne Stanton
Scott E. Stearns
Anne R. Steele
Diane and Paul Steen
Evelyn and George Stege
Karen Stegeman
Sheldon and Irene Steinberg
Elaine and James Stevens
Robert and Phyllis Stevens
Susan and David Stevens
William Stockdale
Philip Stoller and Susan Backus-Stoller
Terry and Holly Storer
Frank Storey
William Stover
Daniel Stow
Benjamin and Nancy Streets
Karen Rachel Stueland
Marilyn E. Subala
Teresa Summers
Hilma E. Swanson
Barbara R. Swarm
Trevor and Rita Swindal
Susan Switzer
Frank M. Taitano
Joseph and Myrtle Talarcheck
Mary Kathryn Talbott
Helen Tall
Thomas and Kazuko Tanigawa
Patricia Tanin
Kathleen and Darrell Tanner
Susan Tapert
Elizabeth Taylor
Harry A. Taylor*
Mimi Taylor
George Telfer
Caryn Tenin*
Robert and Mary Alice Tennant
Patricia Thomas and Lorie Paquin
Arnold* and Lorie Thompson
Harold and Charlotte Thornquist
Lynn Thrower
Edward and Beth Tietjen
Donna Topoli
Melony Torres
Florence Toth
Robin B. Toth
Timothy Tracy
Carolyn Traub*
Rolf Trautmann
Judy Trenk and Richard Haglund
Careline and Donald Trout
Ann Tuohy
Robert K. Vaa
Demetra N. Valison
Ruth and Ray Van Beek
Dana Van Dussen*
Peter and Christine Van Dussen
Jennifer** and Kevin** Van Vleet
Leo and Jan Vandervort
Ruth Van Dusen
Thomas L. Vanzandt
Wil Vargo
Clyde Vincent
Jeanne Vincent
Zollie Volchok
Leo Vollmerhause
Alina and Yuriy Vorobets
Charles and Anne Vukovich
Barbara I. Wacker
Meri T. Wada
Annie and Ernest Walker
James and Carole Walker
Cynthia L. Wallace
Penelope and George Wallace
Richard and Margaret Wallace
Lorna Walsh**
Kathie L. Wamsley
Donald E. Ward
Janet L. Ward
William D. Ward
John Waring
William D. Waring
Dorothy and Gordon Watanabe
Mie Watanabe
Lynette and Harry Watson
Jillian Webb
Max and Gayle Weed
Sebastian Wegerhoff
Lea and Harold Weier
Bram D. Weiser
M.R. Wenk
Joseph M. Weresch
Ruth Westbrook
Albert R. Whelpley
George and Margaret Wherley
William Whetham
Charlotte Whitacre
E. K. White
Richard and Frankie White
Nancy D. Wickward
Kathryn* and Adam Wiegel
Sorraya and Gary Wieneke
W. J. Willard
Sandy Williams
Wilho and Virginia Williams
Linda Williamson
Stacy and Rick Willoughby
Melanie A. Wimmenauer*
Greg and Ann Wimmenauer
Gregory Wing*
Isabelle Winship
John M. Winskie
Ralph O. and Virginia Winter
Oly Wise**
Erin and Jeremy Wissing
Mary Wissink
Norman G. Wittenbrock
James and Dorice Wolfrom
David and Susan Woltz
Yic and Chun-Ming Wong
Ruth Woo
Philip Wood and Patricia Jolin
Elizabeth Wood
Marion Wood
Robert Wotton**
Patricia and Fred Wright
Shelley Wuerl
David and Shirley Wytko
Chi-Mei Yang
David and Gloria Yoshino
Leon and Sharon Young
Frazier Young
Penny Zachau
Farzad Zafari
Robert Zalewski
Rose Zappert
William L. Zila
Heather Zimmerman
Susan Zwiers

* Lighthouse employee
** The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc. Board of Trustee member or Trustee Emeritus, Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind Foundation Board Member, or Inland Northwest Advisory Councilmember (FY 2011)

The Lighthouse has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this list of generous donors. To inquire about a possible correction or for more information, contact Kirk Laughlin, Development Director, at 206-436-2253.


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