2011 Deaf-Blind Community Class Volunteers

Dustin Anderson
Brenda Aron
Merrilee Avila
JoAnna Ball
Erin Baretich
Elizabeth Bass
Jason Behmer
Carrie Biell
Catherine Bohan
Shawn Broderick
Damian Brown
Kelly Brunson
Mary Burns
Acacia Cadorette
Diana Chin
Anne Cook
Shanta Corra
Lydia Craven
Joey Creek
Kathryn Culter
Anne Del Vecchio
Elizabeth Dittmer
Terry Dockter
Ray Dominguez
Dennis Dulle
Judy Durfee
Sienna Effinger
Jonathan Floresca
Paula Furia
Cherie Furtado
Paul Glaser
Suzanne Greenberg
Alex Grennan
Raquel Grimm
Emily Gunther
Cassie Hall
Chris Harpin
Amy Harris
Tress Heckler
Samantha Hobart
Kris Hopkins
Rebecca Houghton
Allison Maine Israel
Kaylee Jacobsen
Ashley Jaramillo
Mike Johnson
Colleen Jones
Joanna Jorgenson Normandy
Lindsey Kasowski
Yvette Kellar
Danni Keller
Jarren Kinch
Berlin Kofoed
Josie Krueger
Andrea Kurs
Suzette Ledet
Patty Liang
Mary Clare Litzen
Linda Machalski
Val Mannucci
Aliaksandr Masiazhyn
Jackie Matthews
Dena Maurer
Priya May
Michelle Miles
Emily Moody
Vince Nuccio
Laura Pell
Jessica Pierard
John Plecher
Elinor Powicke
Sarah Rasmussen
Laurie Reinhardt
Carrie Renner
Justin Rosenlof
Karen Rosenthal
Robin Rowedder
Karen Royea
Sandy Sallee
Ellie Savidge
Billy Seago
Michelle Seeley
Lisa Sheets
Sophie Shifra-Gold
Rachel Simon
Jason Smith
Samantha Smith
Krysta Strasbaugh
Susan Tapert
Lauren Tervo
Edwin Thomas
Danielle Thurman
Mallory Trimble
Abby Turver
Jena Vanderwood
Christine Visser
Kim Wahlberg
Rachel Webster
Jeff Wildenstein
Miya Williams
Linda Williamson
Rebekah Wilson
Echo Zard


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