Message from the Board Chairman

Our Report to the Community
FY 2009

Patrick Sullivan

Patrick Sullivan, Board of Directors Chairman

Nearing the conclusion of my term as Chair of the Lighthouse Board, it is timely to thank all those who have made these three years so rewarding and productive. Our Board members have done yeoman’s work as we revamped strategy and organization. Our many ad hoc committees continue to look into opportunities which fit our needs and capabilities.

Most exciting is our venture into Spokane, acquiring a 52,000-square-foot home, and providing an excellent workplace for our growing employee base in the Inland Northwest. The reception there has been welcoming and wonderful.

As you see elsewhere in this report, our goal is to provide 500 living-wage jobs for the blind. We are confident that this is attainable, and will keep you apprised of progress toward the target. Meanwhile, we appreciate your continuing support and thank you for caring so much for those who cannot see.

Patrick Sullivan

Patrick Sullivan
The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc.

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