Kirk Adams to participate in Inslee’s Transition Advisory Committee

The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc.’s President and CEO, Kirk Adams, is one of 34 individuals selected to serve on Governor-Elect Jay Inslee’s Transition Advisory Committee (TAC).  The TAC will be asked to advise the Governor-Elect as he fills cabinet and staff positions, as well as shaping future legislative and executive action.  The Lighthouse has worked with Inslee’s office over the years during his term as a former U.S. Congressman from District 1 in Washington.  District 1 is home to the Lighthouse’s annual Deaf-Blind Retreat.  The congressman’s office visited the Retreat, meeting participants from across the nation and the world, and learned about Lighthouse programs and the larger Deaf-Blind community.

To see the full list of Transition Advisory Committee members:

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  1. David Miller says:

    Congratulations to Kirk and the Seattle Lighthouse for his selection to be a member of Jay Inslee’s Transition Task Force. I have mentioned to Kirk in the past as a result of an incidental contact with Ruven Carlisle, state legislative representative when he was first running for office. He dropped by while I was working outside on my home and told me about his unique interest in promoting green technology particulalry solar on a grand scale. Jay Inslee, like Carlisle has a unique commitment to promoting althernative energy to fossil fuel resources in the Evergreen State.

    I am hoping that as a manufacturing resource in the area we can begin to move toward a sustainable relationship as a producer and get involved in production of solar and other green products. Seems there is a ripe opportunity to find new products that will increase employment and expand our expertese and diversity.

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